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St. Pölten Festspielhaus Großer Saal Festspielhaus | Großer Saal


  • Avishai Cohen Trio, jazz ensemble
  • Alexander Hanson, conductor


Avishai Cohen
«Noam» Overture op. 1 (Arr.: Robert Sadin)
Avishai Cohen
«Song for my Brother» (Arr.: Robert Sadin)
Martynas Levickis
«Puncha Puncha» (Arr.: Avishai Cohen and Robert Sadin)
Mordechai Zeira
«Two Roses (Shnei Shoshanim)» (Arr.: Avishai Cohen and Daniel Barnidge)
Thad Jones
«A Child is born» (Arr.: Avishai Cohen and Daniel Barnidge)
Martynas Levickis
«Morenika» (Arr.: Avishai Cohen and Robert Sadin)
Avishai Cohen
«Hayo Hayta» (Arr.: Daniel Barnidge)
Martynas Levickis
«Arab Medley» (Arr.: Avishai Cohen and Tscho Theissing)
Ram Da-Oz
«Kumi Venetse Hasadeh» (Arr.: Avishai Cohen und Robert Sadin)
Avishai Cohen
«Alon Basela» (Arr.: Robert Sadin)
Avishai Cohen
«Seven Seas» (Arr.: Robert Sadin)

He studied music in Tel Aviv. In New York he paid his way by labouring on building sites and playing jam sessions until Chick Corea discovered him and brought him into his band. For Avishai Cohen, the singing bassist, this was the beginning of a fantastic career. He has played with legends such as Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis and Bobby McFerrin, won a German Echo prize in 2013 and is proving, with his current programme, that the combination of his classic jazz trio with an equally classic symphony orchestra is able to create an event that is not only musical but also visual. “Jazz can never be tired,” says Avishai Cohen, when asked for his recipe for success – and he proves this thesis in vivid style with a very special sound, which blends jazz and Latin with Arabic rhythms and folk melodies with western harmonies.


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