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Archive: «Ink Still Wet» Closing Concert


  • Participants of the composer conductor-workshop
  • Matthias Pintscher, Composer in Residence


Jaehyuck Choi
«Self-Portrait VI» for Orchestra
Yair Klartag
«Con forza di gravità» for String Orchestra
Evan Lawson
«The Nephelai» for Harp and String Orchestra
Andrew Ly
«Lair» Fantasia for Orchestra
Christoph Renhart
«di tale porpora» for Orchestra

«Ink Still Wet» is the title of the workshop during which composers have the opportunity to rehearse their own works with a professional orchestra or entrust it to the hands of an experienced conductor. Under the guidance of Matthias Pintscher (Composer in Residence 2015), the participants work on a performance of their music, either from the conductor’s stand or from their composer’s desk. «Ink Still Wet» promotes creative exchange between those who create music, those who perform music and, of course, the audience. All stages of the workshop and the final concert are open to the public and free of charge. At the post-concert talk with the artists you are invited to learn more about the work that goes on between composer and orchestra.