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  • New York Gypsy All-Stars, ensemble
  • Eric Jacobsen, conductor


«New York Gypsy All-Stars»

This is the sound of internationalism! Five musicians from Macedonia, Turkey, Greece and the United States, classically trained at the best conservatoires, create unique music in their adoptive home, New York. Musical and other boundaries dissolve in this mixture of traditional Gypsy sounds and Balkan beats, Middle Eastern and Latin elements, hot jazz and funky grooves, creating a spectacular crossover in a class of its own. And adding a symphony orchestra? The icing on the cake! Over the years the New York Gypsy All-Stars have been invited to collaborate with many orchestras, bringing their diverse roots, traditions and visions, fused in music, into the temples of classical music, as well as jazz clubs and festival stages. A concert experience with traditional world music, original compositions and arrangements and a compelling synthesis of cultural diversity!

Chill Out, the popular jam session series after the Plugged-In concerts in the Wiener Musikverein, can no longer take place at Schwarzberg in Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna. The event is therefore being discontinued as of now and until further notice. The Tonkunstler Orchestra would like to thank Schwarzberg for its cooperation and the artists and the audiences for the unforgettable experiences.

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