Archive: The Queen of Colors

St. Pölten Festspielhaus Kleiner Saal Festspielhaus | Kleiner Saal


  • Christoph Moser, clarinet
  • Sophie Kolarz-Löschberger, violin
  • Sophie Gansch, violin
  • Nikita Gerkusov, viola
  • Iris-Meongwon Cho, cello
  • Nina Kupczyk, director
  • Jutta Bauer, author

When Queen Malwida calls her subjects, first comes the colour blue – gentle and mild. Then comes the wild and dangerous red. Finally, it’s yellow – warm and bright, but can also be touchy and mean. Like Malwida herself. When she’s both, the two begin to argue, and everything becomes grey. Malwida also become grey – and sad. She stops being Queen of Colours and has to cry. But her tears are blue, yellow and red. And so, once more, the kingdom is blanketed in gentle blue.

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