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  • Sumi Hwang, soprano
  • Alfred Eschwé, Conductor


Franz von Suppé
Overture to the Operetta «Pique Dame»
Charles Gounod
«Je veux vivre» Juliet's aria from the Opera «Romeo et Juliette»
Dmitri Schostakowitsch
Polka from the Ballett-Suite «The Bolt» No.5 op. 27a
Johann Strauss
Leichtes Blut, Polka schnell op. 319
Anton Rubinstein
Melodie F-Dur op. 3/1 (Arr.: Vincent d'Indy)
Georges Bizet
«Me voilà seule dans le nuit» Leila's aria from the Opera «Les pêcheurs de perles»
Georges Bizet
Carmen Suite No. 1, Les Toréadors
- interval -
Julius Fucik
Florentine march op. 214
Franz Lehár
«Es lebt eine Vilja» Hanna Glawari's song from the Operetta «Die Lustige Witwe»
Josef Strauss
Delirien, Waltz op. 212
Josef Strauss
Buchstaben Polka op. 252 (Arr.: Max Schönherr)
Johann Strauss
Künstler-Quadrille op. 201
Johann Strauß Vater
Seufzer Galop op. 9
Franz Lehár
«Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß» Giuditta's song from the Operetta «Giuditta»
Franz Lehár
Gold und Silber, Waltz op. 79

On the last day of December, it is again the duty of the Tonkunstler Orchestra to take their leave of the old year and welcome the new. Enjoy the quite special atmosphere this New Year’s Eve with a concert that sums up the whole year and makes the evening an exceptional musical occasion. It was the Roman god Janus, with one face looking forward, another looking back, who gave the month of January its name and so the magic of this passage from one year to the next is found not only in a wistful look back at all that is past but above all with hopeful looking forward to what is to come. Let our musical fireworks sweeten this joyful anticipation as you are born aloft into the new year on the wings of music!

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Alexander Borodin

Polovtsian Dances from the Opera «Prince Igor»


  • Introduzione. Andantino - Allegro vivo - Allegro

  • Presto


8 Min.