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  • Dorothy Khadem-Missagh, piano
  • Gabriel Bebeselea, conductor


George Enescu
«Pastorale-Fantaisie» for Small Orchestra
- interval -

Who doesn’t love it, the «serene feeling when arriving in the countryside», the burbling of the brook, the rustic dances, the sudden thunder and the calm after the storm? Ludwig van Beethoven wasn’t the only composer to be inspired by rural life. Ferdinand Ries, for example, indirectly followed in the footsteps of his great colleague in his wonderfully Romantic «Concerto Pastoral». And George Enescu’s charming «Pastorale fantaisie» of 1899 was rediscovered only a few years ago by Gabriel Bebeşelea. Born in 1987, Bebeşelea is chief conductor of the Filarmonica «George Enescu» Bucharest, and he makes his debut at the podium of the Tonkunstler Orchestra with this piece.

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Ferdinand Ries

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 5 in D major op. 120 «Concerto Pastoral»


  • Allegro

  • Andantino

  • Rondo. Allegro


28 Min.


Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No. 6 in F major op. 68 «Pastorale»


  • Angenehme, heitere Empfindungen, welche bei der Ankunft auf dem Lande im Menschen erwachen. Allegro ma non troppo

  • Szene am Bach. Andante molto moto

  • Lustiges Zusammensein der Landleute. Allegro -

  • Donner. Sturm. Allegro -

  • Hirtengesang. Wohltätige, mit Dank an die Gottheit verbundene Gefühle nach dem Sturm. Allegretto


43 Min.