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Grafenegg Auditorium Auditorium


  • Stefan Vinke, tenor
  • Tomasz Konieczny, bass baritone
  • Stephen Milling, bass
  • Konzertvereinigung Wiener Staatsopernchor, choir
  • Roberto Paternostro, conductor


Richard Wagner
«Parsifal» Opera in three acts, 3rd act

Richard Wagner's «Parsifal» concerns the most sacred - and to many people around the world, its music is also sacred in its own right. This concertante performance of the third act makes it possible to experience the work's religious content and its musical design more strongly as one entity: in the lead-up to Easter, the «Good Friday’s Spell» can unfold especially well in its actual seasonal context. A Bayreuth-tested ensemble puts itself at the service of this «Festival Play for the Consecration of the Stage». Taking the conductor's podium is a true Wagner ambassador: Roberto Paternostro's worldwide performances of the German composer's works in Buenos Aires and elsewhere are enormously popular.

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