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  • Time for Three, jazz ensemble
  • Nicolas Kendall, violin
  • Charles Yang, violin
  • Ranaan Meyer, double bass
  • Matt Scarano, drums
  • Keith Lockhart, conductor


Dan Welcher
«Spumante. A festive Overture for large Orchestra»
Dave Brubeck
«Blue Rondo à la Turk» (Arr.: Chris Brubeck)
Jimmy Page
«Stairway to Heaven» (in collaboration with Robert Plant, Arr.: Time for Three)
Time for Three , Time for Three
«Songs of Joy» Commissioned by the Sun Valley Music Festival (in collaboration with Ranaan Meyer and Charles Yang, Arr.: TJ Cole)

The string trio «Time for Three» specialises in the entire diversity of music: Classical, bluegrass, rock, hip-hop, jazz? All of the above! The combo formed at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, has been an international hit for years and calls itself a «garage band with classical roots». Characterised by joyful playing and a passion for experimentation that they love to share with great orchestras, «Time for Three» here joins the Tonkunstler Orchestra conducted by Keith Lockhart, who also conducts the Boston Pop Orchestra. A Plugged In evening with vibrant sounds and sophisticated musical enjoyment guaranteed!

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Chris Brubeck

«Travels in Time for Three»


  • Thematic Ride

  • Irish Folk in Odd Times

  • Suspendend Bliss

  • Clouseau´s Mardi Gras, "Laissez les Bon Temps rouler"


30 Min.