In founding its own orchestra academy, the Tonkunstler Orchestra is taking an important step toward the future. Nowadays it is no longer sufficient for orchestral musicians to master their instrument at the highest level; it is just as important that they learn to position themselves within the delicate structure of an orchestra both sonically and socially, to play with open ears, to communicate with their fellow musicians and to continually assess themselves critically.

The Tonkunstler Orchestra offers talented young musicians from all over the world the opportunity to master and test the complexities of the orchestral profession within the safe environment of a two-year training programme. Daily orchestral work is not the only part of this sophisticated training programme's curriculum. It also includes one-on-one lessons with teachers from the Tonkunstler Orchestra, a separate chamber music series, audition training, mental training and much more.

In addition, attendance at the Campus Grafenegg and the Grafenegg Academy Orchestra offers a unique chance to connect and have an exchange with top international musicians and to work with renowned conductors. The combination of the Tonkunstler's Academy training programme and the Grafenegg Academy's orchestra for young professional musicians creates a multi-generational model for the promotion of musical excellence.


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