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Archive: «Ink Still Wet» Closing Concert

Grafenegg Auditorium


Edo Frenkel
«Dialogue Rapture in Pataspace» for Orchestra
Hannes Kerschbaumer
«schiefer» for Orchestra
Marko Markus
«Nebula» for Orchestra
David Clay Mettens
«Burn Bright» for Orchestra
Christoph Renhart
«L'isola morta» for Orchestra

Fresh and unheard: This year’s Composer in Residence, Brad Lubman, and the Tonkunstler Orchestra present the most exciting works by the young composers at the Grafenegg Campus – the ink is still wet, the works as yet unheard. The American composer and conductor has worked with some of the biggest orchestras in the world. Now in Grafenegg, audiences have the chance to experience his work with the participants up-close. The concert is free of charge, and is guaranteed to be an ear opener.