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Archive: Mahler 7

Wien Musikverein | Großer Saal


  • Robert Trevino, conductor


Gustav Mahler

«My time will come», was Gustav Mahler’s confident belief, even as a young man. Although for Leonard Bernstein, of course, it was always Mahler’s time. And the fact that in the post-war period Mahler would go on, finally, to take up the place in musical history to which he was entitled – including, and especially, in Vienna – was down in large part to Berstein. Bernstein identified and felt himself connected with Mahler more than with any other of his predecessors – because of his double role as composer and conductor, his Jewish roots and the many antitheses and contradictions that they shared and from which both knew how to strike creative sparks. And Mahler’s sweeping Seventh Symphony is in particular dominated by such contrasts in a special way. The work flows from a nightmarish twilight, nature scenes and ghost dances into an exuberent village-festival finale in C major sunshine. The young American Robert Trevino is another whose time has come: since a sensational substitution in Moscow in 2013, he has been one of the most sought-after conductors of the younger generation.

Gustav Mahler

Symphony No. 7


  • Langsam - Allegro

  • Nachtmusik I

  • Scherzo

  • Nachtmusik II

  • Rondo - Finale


80 Min.