Symphonic Motown

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  • Alana Alexander, vocals
  • Elliot, vocals
  • Yutaka Sado, conductor


«Symphonic Motown»

Did you know? «Motown», the name of the legenday record company, founded in Detroit in 1959, is short for «Motor Town», and thus represents undying reverence for the local auto industry. «Motown», however, is more than just one of the most successful American record labels, but a musical movement that made history. Songs such as «Baby Love», «Going Back to my Roots» and «Loco in Acapulco» should really be familiar to anyone past the age of thirty. Recordings by stars such as Diana Ross and «The Temptations», Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie will never never be absent wherever recorded music is sold. The arranger and stylistic all-rounder Lutz Krajenski has created a splendid programme from all these ingredients and reminiscences, shifting rousingly between nostalgia and rediscovery. In «Symphonic Motown», jazz singer Alana Alexander and singer and entertainer Elliot present big emotions and sonic panoramas from genres ranging from rhythm 'n' blues, rock and pop to symphonic jazz.

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