Dvorák: Requiem

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  • Alzbeta Polácková, soprano
  • Lucie Hilscherová, alto
  • Carlos Cardoso, tenor
  • Jozef Benci, bass
  • Slowakischer Philharmonischer Chor, choir
  • Marek Sedivý, conductor


On the one hand, soloists, choir and large orchestra with organ, gong and bells; on the other, a deeply minimalist motif. At times crying out, then becoming melancholy, consoling or sighing in deep despair: with his Requiem, Antonin Dvořák managed to transport audiences into both ecstasy and sombre, reflective worlds – music between heaven and earth, a dialogue between the living and the dead. Marek Šedivý, a compatriot of Dvořák, conducts the demanding and – for that very reason – seldom performed Requiem with the Tonkunstler Orchestra and the Slovakian Philharmonic Choir. An extraordinary sonic experience!

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Antonín Dvorák

Requiem for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra op. 89


  • I. - 1. Introitius: Requiem aeternam

  • II. - 2. Graduale: Requiem aeternam

  • III. - 3. Sequentia: Dies irae

  • III. - 4. Sequentia: Tuba mirum

  • III. - 5. Sequentia: Quid sum miser

  • III. - 6. Sequentia: Recordare, Jesu pie

  • III. - 7. Sequentia: Confutatis maledictis

  • III. - 8. Sequentia: Lacrimosa dies illa

  • IV. - 9. Offertorium: Domine Jesu Christe

  • V. - 10. Hostias: Domine Jesu Christe

  • VI. - 11. Sanctus und Benedictus

  • VII. - 12. Pie Jesu

  • VIII. - 13. Agnus Dei


95 Min.