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Linz Mariä Empfängnis Dom Mariä-Empfängnis-Dom


  • Chen Reiss, soprano
  • Michaela Selinger, mezzosoprano
  • Peter Sonn, tenor
  • Liang Lii, bass
  • Singverein Wien, choir
  • Johannes Prinz, choir master
  • Stefan Soltesz, conductor


«I think (…) if I didn't pass muster at the Last Judgement, I would show our Lord the score of the Te Deum and say: 'Look, I wrote this just for you!' And then I'd slip through alright.» This anecdote, reported by his biographers August Göllerich and Max Auer, vividly reflects the exceptional status of Bruckner's Te Deum, completed in 1884, which he described to his pupil Franz Marschner as «the pride of my life». The composer underlined this view again himself with the suggestion that the work might be used as a substitute for the uncompleted final movement of his 9th Symphony. The Mass No. 3 in F minor, already completed in 1867-68, also accompanied Bruckner into the last years of his life. Over a period of around 25 years the work was repeatedly subjected to revisions, both large and small. On 14th April 1895 he wrote to his friend, the conductor Siegfried Ochs: «Bruckner is getting old and longs to hear his F minor (mass) again! Please, please! That would be the high point of my life.» Together with a hand-picked quartet of soloists, the Singverein der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien and the Tonkünstler Orchestra, the distinguished veteran conductor Michail Jurowski takes on these two outstanding milestones in Bruckner's sacred music.

Michail Jurowski has had to cancel his participation in this concert. Fortunately, Stefan Soltész has agreed to take over the role as conductor.

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Anton Bruckner

Mass for Soloists, Mixed Choir, Organ and Orchestra No. 3 in f minor


  • Kyrie

  • Gloria

  • Credo

  • Sanktus

  • Benedictus

  • Agnus Dei


62 Min.


1867/68, 1883/93
Anton Bruckner

Te Deum for Soloists, mixed Choir, Organ and Orchestra in C major


  • Te Deum laudamus. Allegro moderato

  • Te ergo quaesumus. Moderato

  • Aeterna fac cum sanctis tuis. Allegro moderato. Feierlich, mit Kraft

  • Salvum fac populum tuum. Moderato

  • In te, Domine, speravi. Mäßig bewegt


24 Min.