Archive: Sergei Dogadin and Tabita Berglund

Grafenegg Wolkenturm Wolkenturm


  • Sergey Dogadin, violin
  • Tabita Berglund, conductor


The BBC has described the 33-year-old Norwegian conductor Tabita Berglund, who has been causing a sensation on European concert stages in recent years, as a «hurricane». But reducing her only to her youthful energy would be an injustice: with sensitive musicality, clear expression, and natural intuition, she brings a shine to well-known and lesser-known works. She celebrates her Wolkenturm debut at Grafenegg with the Tonkunstler Orchestra. Violin virtuoso Sergei Dogadin has already performed here on two occasions and has since become a favourite of the Grafenegg audience. With him as soloist, Tchaikovsky's violin concerto is in the very best hands.

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Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D major op. 35


  • Allegro moderato

  • Canzonetta. Andante -

  • Finale. Allegro vivacissimo


35 Min.


Sergej Prokofjew

Suite from the Ballet «Romeo and Juliet» (Compilation from Suites 1-3: Tabita Berglund)


  • Die Montagues und Capulets / Montagues and Capulets: Suite 2

  • Julia als Mädchen / Young Juliet: Suite 2

  • Szene / Scene: Suite 1

  • Tanz / Dance: Suite 2

  • Masken / Masks: Suite 1

  • Romeo und Julia / Romeo and Juliet: Suite 1

  • Tanz am Morgen / Morning dance: Suite 3

  • Pater Lorenzo / Friar Lawrence: Suite 2

  • Tybalts Tod / Death of Tybalt: Suite 1

  • Romeo am Grabe Julias / Romeo at Juliet's grave: Suite 2


40 Min.