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St. Pölten Festspielhaus Großer Saal Festspielhaus | Großer Saal


  • Stacey Kent, vocals
  • Jim Tomlinson, saxes/flutes
  • Graham Harvey, piano
  • Jeremy Brown, bass
  • Josh Morrison, drums
  • Karen Kamensek, conductor


Stacey Kent: «I know I dream» | The Orchestral Sessions

With more than two million albums sold and a Grammy nomination to her credit, the US-British jazz singer Stacey Kent is one of the most successful artists in her genre. Since achieving her international breakthrough some ten years ago with «Breakfast on the Morning Tram», Stacey Kent has been mentioned in the same breath as Diana Krall and Norah Jones as one of the great divas of contemporary jazz. Her trademarks are a fine sense for rhythm and a beautiful, haunting voice. With the programme «I know I dream», Stacey Kent made one of her dreams come true: releasing her first recording with a full orchestra. It features French chansons from her favourite core repertoire, new compositions and cover versions of timeless Brazilian hits. A self-portrait in magisterial yet emotive sounds, exhilarating yet intimate – it could have been made for the Plugged-In series!

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