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  • Vocal Sampling, Ensemble
  • Yutaka Sado, conductor


René Banos Pascual
«Los Tocadores»
René Banos Pascual
«Concierto #1» for Vocal Sampling and Orchestra
Moises Simons
«Manisero»(Arr.: Jenny Pena Campo)
Maximiliano More Bartolome
«Dolor y Perdon»
Adalberto Alvarez
«A Bayamo en coche» (Arr.: Jenny Pena Campo)
Guido López Gavilán
Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe
«La Negra Tomasa»
Jenny Pena Campo
«SambaSon» (Arr.: René Banos)

Bobby McFerrin, Carlos Santana and Paul Simon have one thing in common: they all love Vocal Sampling! The six-strong a cappella formation from Cuba released their first record around 25 years ago and ever since have been garlanded with superlatives and loved by audiences. From bass to brass, keyboards to percussion – all the characteristic salsa instruments can be heard in this breathtaking, acrobatic blend of musicality and vocal artistry. And to really put this Plugged-In evening in a class of its own, the whole span from boléro to rumba is presided over by the Tonkunstler maestro Yutaka Sado, who created the spirited orchestral arrangements: the best of both worlds.

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