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  • Wayne Marshall, organ, conductor


For Francis Poulenc, the organ was an instrument that made it possible to create completely new worlds of sound. His Concerto for Organ, Strings and Timpani brought audiences to their feet right from its premiere in 1939: a powerful and bombastic work that nonetheless breathes with delicacy. The British organ virtuoso Wayne Marshall stages it alongside «Cortège et Litanie», one of the most popular works by Poulenc-contemporary Marcel Dupré. The Tonkunstler Orchestra devotes the second half, led by Wayne Marshall, to the composer Franz Schmidt. The Symphony No. 2 by the Viennese late Romantic was premiered two years after the death of Gustav Mahler and combines classical form with modern tonality.

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Marcel Dupré

Cortège et Litanie for Organ and Orchestra op. 19/2


  • Moderato


7 Min.


Francis Poulenc

Concerto for Organ, Strings and Timpani in g minor


  • Andante - Allegro giocoso - Andante moderato - Allegro, molto agitato - Très calme. Lent - Tempo de l´Allegro initial - Tempo Introduction. Largo


25 Min.


Franz Schmidt

Symphony No. 2 in E-flat major


  • Lebhaft

  • Allegretto con variazioni. Einfach und zart - Var.I In demselben Zeitmaß - Var.II Etwas fließender - Var.III Schnell und leicht - Var.IV Schnell - Var.V Sehr schnell - Var.VI Langsam und ruhig - Var.VII Sehr schnell - Var.VIII Sehr leidenschaftlich, nicht zu schnell - Var.IX Scherzo. Sehr lebhaft - Var.X Trio. Sehr ruhig - Tempo I. Scherzo

  • Finale. Langsam - Ruhig und fließend - Etwas lebhafter


47 Min.