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  • Albert Hosp, presentation
  • Dmitry Matvienko, conductor


A static fluttering of the violas joined by two bassoons with an enigmatically plaintive melody: even the start of Carl Nielsen’s Fifth Symphony seems to come «from space», as a Nielsen scholar once wrote. What develops out of it is indescribable: a dramatic alternating between splendid melodicism and disturbing percussion attacks, between being crushed and being uplifted. Good and evil, light and dark, deed and dream seem to go to war. Albert Hosp and the Tonkunstler Orchestra under Dmitry Matvienko are the tour guides on an unforgettable voyage of discovery through some little-known symphonic terrain.

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Carl Nielsen

Symphony No. 5 op. 50


  • Tempo giusto - Adagio

  • Allegro - Presto - Andante poco tranquillo


38 Min.