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    with subscription

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  • Albert Hosp, Presentation
  • Nodoka Okisawa, conductor


Igor Strawinski , Igor Strawinski

Pulcinella: a greedy ruffian, foolish but with a certain peasant cunning. In 1920 Igor Stravinsky put this immortal character from the Commedia dell’arte onto the ballet stage – clothed in musical garments that positively abound with untamed zest for burlesque transformation. Pieces 200 years old are ironically recoloured, cautiously given «wrong» notes to provide some rough edges, rhythmically broken up – in a way that holds up a (distorting) mirror to the whole history of music. A wonderful theme for Albert Hosp and «Explained. Experienced!», this time with the Berlin-based Japanese composer Nodoka Okisawa.

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Igor Strawinski, Igor Strawinski

Suite from the Ballet «Pulcinella»


  • Sinfonia

  • Serenata

  • Scherzino - Allegro - Andantino

  • Tarantella

  • Toccata

  • Gavotta (con due variazioni)

  • Vivo

  • Minuetto - Finale


22 Min.