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    with subscription

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  • Marie-Ange Nguci, piano
  • Fabio Luisi, conductor


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart only wrote two of his piano concertos in minor keys: the one in D minor K. 466 seems to anticipate the dark severity of «Don Giovanni» and the Requiem – and yet the finale ends up in the festive brightness of D major. The solo part is performed by young French pianist Marie-Ange Nguci. We don’t know how Anton Bruckner’s Ninth would have ended, because the composer died in 1896 before completing this dramatic, exalted work. In the Bruckner anniversary year 2024 the Tonkunstler Orchestra chooses this puzzlingly finished-seeming torso to celebrate its eagerly awaited reunion with Fabio Luisi, its former Music Director, in the symphonic subscription programme. It promises to be a notable concert experience.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in d minor KV 466


  • Allegro

  • Romance

  • Allegro assai


32 Min.


Anton Bruckner

Symphony No. 9 in d minor


  • Feierlich; misterioso

  • Scherzo. Bewegt; lebhaft - Trio. Schnell

  • Adagio. Langsam; feierlich


60 Min.