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St. Pölten Festspielhaus Großer Saal Festspielhaus | Großer Saal


  • Chiril Maximov Nezaliizov, violin
  • Nikita Gerkusov, viola
  • Fabien Gabel, conductor


Curtain up for the Tonkunstler’s much-loved Plugged-In series! Concertmaster Kirill Maximov and solo violist Nikita Gerkusov are the protagonists of this delightful programme with the «Sinfonia concertante» in E flat major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – a double concerto that’s loved by audiences and treated with great respect by performers. Cheering for joy and dying of sorrow: After the premiere of his Sixth Symphony, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky had exactly nine days to live. Together with Fabien Gabel, the Tonkunstler will dedicate themselves to the deeply moving «Pathétique» in the second half of the concert.

Unfortunately, the conductor Axel Kober, who was scheduled for this concert series, had to cancel his participation. Thankfully, Fabien Gabel, who has worked with the Tonkunstler Orchestra already several times, quickly agreed to take over.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sinfonia concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra in E-flat major KV 364


  • Allegro maestoso

  • Andante

  • Presto


30 Min.


Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski

Symphony No. 6 in b minor op. 74 «Pathétique»


  • Adagio - Allegro non troppo

  • Allegro con grazia

  • Allegro molto vivace

  • Finale. Adagio lamentoso


45 Min.