Tribute to Clint Eastwood

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    with subscription

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  • Quentin Collins, trumpet
  • Brandon Allen, saxophone
  • Kyle Eastwood, double bass
  • Chris Higginbottom, percussion
  • Andrew McCormack, piano
  • Gast Waltzing, conductor


Programme will be announced later

He became famous in Europe with «Spaghetti Westerns» such as «For a Fistful of Dollars», before successfully making the leap to Hollywood with the success of «The Good, the Bad and the Ugly݁», where he became a cult figure with «Dirty Harry» before becoming a director himself and snapping up Oscars with «Unforgiven» and «Million Dollar Baby»: Clint Eastwood, legend of cinema, celebrates his 94th birthday in May 2024. Clint’s son Kyle Eastwood is a jazzer – and brings together some hand-picked partners here, including Gast Waltzing at the Tonkunstler’s conducting lectern, to transpose the great soundtracks of his father’s films into his own musical world. Cinematic suspense for the ears!

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