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  • Sirba Octet, ensemble
  • Isabelle Georges, voice
  • Yutaka Sado, conductor


Martynas Levickis
«Kolomishka / Zing Bruder Zing» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Dorothy Collins
«Mayn liebe Tochter» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Jacob Jacobs
«Yingele nit veyn» (in collaboration with Abraham Ellstein) (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Martynas Levickis
«Yiddish Charleston» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Leibu Levin
«Lay dayn Kop» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Emile Stern
«Tire l'aiguille ma fille» (in collaboration with Eddie Barclay) (Arr.: Yann Ollivo)
Martynas Levickis
«Doina ca la Breaza» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Martynas Levickis
«Oy, vyoch tyoch tyoch» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Martynas Levickis
«Misirlou» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Efim Chorny
«Ven den Regn» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Martynas Levickis
«Belz» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Alexander Alstone
«Momele» (in collaboration with Al Goodhart) (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Martynas Levickis
«A Keshenever» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Martynas Levickis
«L'Chaim» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)
Sholom Secunda
«Bay mir bistu sheyn» (Arr.: Cyrille Lehn)

«Bei mir bistu shein» («To me you’re beautiful»): one of the most charming declarations of love in musical history is at the same time a homage to Klezmer, the Yiddish folk music tradition. In the world of Klezmer, laughter and tears, farewell and tenderness, love and pain are so close together that «Yiddish Rhapsody» is sure to be a concert of big emotions. The Sirba Octet brings together eight musicians whose day job is playing in classical ensembles and orchestras, most in the Orchestre de Paris. Established with the intention of reinterpreting Jewish music, the ensemble brings an alluring mixture of Klezmer and Gypsy Jazz to the stage. Together with the jazz singer Isabelle Georges and the Tonkunstler, the evening will feature refined, striking arrangements that chart a course from traditional Jewish folk songs and dances from various European countries via the Charleston and Broadway hits to Hollywood film music. A hymn to life!

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