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  • Vladislav Sulimsky, baritone
  • Dmitrij Kitajenko, conductor


Modest Mussorgski
Prelude to the Opera «Chowanschtschina» (Arr.: Dmitri Schostakowitsch)
- interval -

Modest Mussorgsky could not foresee the phenomenal success of his «Pictures at an Exhibition» when he died in 1886. During his lifetime, the piano cycle was neither taken note of nor performed. Only after Maurice Ravel’s orchestration of the piece for the Russian-American conductor Serge Koussevitzky began the phenomenal success story of the piece, which has become one of the most-performed and most popular pieces in classical music worldwide. Reason enough for the Tonkunstler under the direction of Russian conductor Dmitri Kitayenko to dedicate a whole concert programme to the creator of this «bestseller». They combine the «Pictures at an Exhibition» with the song cycle «Songs and Dances of Death» in the orchestral version by Edison Denisov and the prelude to the opera «Khovanshchina». Incidentally, at the time of Mussorgsky’s death, the opera had neither been completed nor first performed.

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Modest Mussorgski

«Songs and Dances of Death» for Voice and Orchestra (Orchestration: Edison Denissow)


  • Wiegenlied

  • Ständchen

  • Trepak

  • Der Feldherr


20 Min.


1875/77 (1983)
Modest Mussorgski

«Pictures at an Exhibition» (Orchestration: Maurice Ravel)


  • Promenade. Allegro giusto, nel modo russico, senza allegrezza, ma poco sostenuto

  • 1. Gnomus. Vivo

  • Promenade. Moderato commodo assai e con delicatezza

  • 2. Il vecchio castello. Andante

  • Promenade. Moderato non tanto, pesante

  • 3. Tuileries. Allegretto non troppo, capriccioso

  • 4. Bydlo. Sempre moderato pesante

  • Promenade. Tranquillo

  • 5. Ballet des poussins dans leurs coques. Scherzino. Vivo, leggiero

  • 6. «Samuel» Goldenberg und «Schmuyle». Andante

  • 7. Limoges - Le Marché. Allegretto vivo, sempre scherzando

  • 8. Catacombae (Sepulcrum romanum). Largo - Cum mortuis in lingua mortua. Andante non troppo, con lamento

  • 9. La cabane sur des pattes de poule (Baba-Yaga). Allegro con brio, feroce

  • 10. La grande porte de Kiev. Allegro alla breve - Maestoso - Con grandezza


29 Min.


1874/ 1922