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St. Pölten Festspielhaus Großer Saal Festspielhaus | Großer Saal


  • Daishin Kashimoto, violin
  • Yutaka Sado, conductor


The Tonkunstler play fate! Was the rousing Finale of Tchaikovsky’s fifth symphony really meant to be heroic or was the fake cheering intended as a challenge? Music Director Yutaka Sado and the Tonkunstler Orchestra will present their own interpretation of the «Fifth», which is sometimes known as the Fate Symphony. One thing is for certain: the composer examined the struggle with his own biography in this piece, which is exemplified most clearly by the fate motif in the first movement. His inner conflict, the Romantic spirit of the age, the proverbial Russian soul and moving pathos are all represented in this heart-wrenching testimony of an exceedingly tragic life. No less profound is the first violin concerto by Dmitri Shostakovich. As a result of the accusations levelled against his reputation as an artist by the Soviet regime, he could not publish it in 1948, the year of its composition. As a charming contrast, Joseph Haydn’s very first symphony opens the evening, written in Dolní Lukavice near Plzeň while he was in the service of Count Morzin.

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Joseph Haydn

Symphony in D major Hob. I:1


  • Presto

  • Andante

  • Finale. Presto


11 Min.


Dmitri Schostakowitsch

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 1 in a minor op. 77


  • Nocturno. Moderato

  • Scherzo. Allegro - Poco più mosso

  • Passacaglia. Andante - Cadenza

  • Burlesque. Allegro con brio


34 Min.


Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski

Symphony No. 5 in e minor op. 64


  • Andante - Allegro con anima

  • Andante cantabile, con alcuna licenza

  • Valse. Allegro moderato

  • Finale. Andante maestoso - Allegro vivace


55 Min.