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  • Albert Hosp, Presentation
  • Tabita Berglund, conductor


For the terminally sick Béla Bartók, voluntary exile in the USA was like being an uprooted, slowly withering plant – until the conductor Serge Koussewitzky managed to bring the composer’s spirits back with a commission from the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1943. The Concerto for Orchestra would become his most popular work, a showpiece for all groups, for woodwind and brass, string and percussion instruments. A guide through this composition of splendid, shimmering colour!

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Béla Bartók

Concerto for Orchestra


  • Introduzione. Andante non troppo - Allegro vivace

  • Giuoco delle coppie (Spiel der Paare). Allegretto scherzando

  • Elegia. Andante, non troppo

  • Intermezzo interrotto. Allegretto

  • Finale. Presto


38 Min.