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  • Albert Hosp
  • Julien Masmondet, conductor


Antonín Dvořák’s Ninth Symphony is one of the most loved and most played works of the orchestral repertoire. The reasons for its popularity can be found not least in the special circumstances under which it was created: At the age of 51, Dvořák had left his hometown of Prague and become director of the New York Conservatory in order to teach his American students how to develop a national music. The highpoint of these endeavours is the symphony subtitled «From the New World», which is at least as «Bohemian» as it is American.

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Antonín Dvorák

Symphony No. 9 in e minor op. 95 «From the New World»


  • Adagio - Allegro molto

  • Largo

  • Scherzo. Molto vivace

  • Allegro con fuoco


40 Min.