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  • Albert Hosp
  • Yutaka Sado, conductor


Dive into a work of the most profound sensibility: Robert Schumann completed his Second Symphony in 1846 while tormented by severe depression. Yearning for inner peace and consolation, he turned to the harmonic order of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music. The result is a highly sensitive work of art that speaks from the abysses of the soul. Yutaka Sado and the Tonkunstler Orchestra join the Ö1 radio broadcaster Albert Hosp in illuminating this work and explaining selected passages: How much Bach is there in Schumann? How personal is this music? And why does it still touch and inspire us today? These questions are answered with reference to live performances of excerpts before a performance of the whole symphony.

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Robert Schumann

Symphony No. 2 in C major op. 61


  • Sostenuto assai - Un poco più vivace - Allegro ma non troppo

  • Scherzo. Allegro vivace - Trio

  • Adagio espressivo

  • Allegro molto vivace


38 Min.