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  • Adrian Eröd, baritone
  • Hannu Lintu, conductor


Thomas Larcher has enjoyed a close relationship with the Tonkunstler Orchestra as a pianist and composer for more than 30 years. It was only in October 2019 that he was honoured with the Grand Austrian State Prize, the highest award that the Republic of Austria gives for an outstanding artistic life’s work. In his internationally performed symphony «Alle Tage» Thomas immerses himself in the universe of Austrian writer Ingeborg Bachmann, for which he creates an «echo space». Over seven movements, baritone Adrian Eröd sings the four Bachmann texts while the orchestra plays around them until, ultimately, music parts company from the word. Robert Schumann also seeks the depths of the soul in his Fourth Symphony: a work in which cheeriness always has something melancholy about it and sadness is always borne with a smile.


Andrè Schuen has had to cancel his participation in this concert.
Adrian Eröd has agreed to take over the role.

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Thomas Larcher

«Alle Tage» Symphony for Baritone and Orchestra


  • Introduction

  • Anrufung des großen Bären

  • Mein Vogel

  • Heimweg

  • (Remembrance)

  • (Storm ,War)

  • Alle Tage


43 Min.


Robert Schumann

Symphony No. 4 in d minor op. 120


  • Ziemlich langsam - Lebhaft -

  • Romanze. Ziemlich langsam -

  • Scherzo. Lebhaft - Trio -

  • Lebhaft


29 Min.