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St. Pölten Festspielhaus Großer Saal Festspielhaus | Großer Saal


  • Benjamin Beilman, violin
  • Tabita Berglund, conductor


Music that comes from the heart and goes to the heart: With Tabita Berglund at the lectern, the Tonkunstler Orchestra follows Edvard Grieg’s musical telling of the story of the «Scandinavian Faust», Peer Gynt, through the world and the soul, travelling from the Sahara to the Hall of the Mountain King. In the Finale of Jean Sibelius’s magnificently rhapsodic Violin Concerto, filled with fire here by Benjamin Beilman, a British critic once claimed to sense a «polonaise for polar bears». From there it’s just a crevasse-leap to the real Poland, where Witold Lutosławski builds up influences from folk music, the baroque and modernism into a sweeping virtuoso work for the whole orchestra.

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Edvard Grieg

Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 op. 46


  • Morgenstimmung, Allegretto pastorale

  • Ases Tod, Andante doloroso

  • Anitras Tanz, Tempo di Mazurka

  • In der Halle des Bergkönigs


15 Min.
Jean Sibelius

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D minor op. 47


  • Allegro moderato

  • Adagio di molto

  • Allegro, ma non tanto


33 Min.
Witold Lutoslawski

Concerto for Orchestra


  • Intrada. Allegro maestoso

  • Capriccio notturno e arioso. Vivace

  • Passacaglia, Toccata e Corale. Andante con moto


29 Min.