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Sergej Prokofjew
«Romeo und Julia» Ballet op. 64

The most famous family feud in Western literature provides Angelin Preljocaj with the material for his most famous ballet so far. However, the French choreographer with Albanian roots offers an alternative reading of Shakespeare’s classic: the battle between the Capulets and the Montagues becomes one between a military upper class and impoverished immigrants – the epitome of a class struggle that places the social conflict between rich and poor on stage in disturbing and cruelly beautiful form. Against an imposing backdrop 24 dancers present what inexorably belongs together in Preljocaj’s work: classical material in contemporary garb, tender pas de deux alongside powerful group choreography, love fighting to survive in a state of siege. Sounds by Goran Vejvoda supplement Sergei Prokofiev’s masterpiece that is performed live by the Tonkunstler Orchestra. 

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