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Biedermannsdorf Jubiläumshalle Jubiläumshalle


  • Raffaela Lintl, soprano
  • Antony Hermus, conductor


New Year's Program

«Ask Princess Hohenlohe or a taylor’s apprentice, Count Grünne or an infantryman, the Attorney General or a turnkey, Professor Hyrtl or a washerwoman – they are all just as aware of Johann Strauss, they all rave about him or have raved about him, each after their own fashion.» This claim made in the «Wiener Sonn- und Montagszeitung» newspaper in 1874 is as true now as it was then: Johann Strauss was the first pop star, with fans at all levels of society – as well as in all of the musical factions of his time. It is in particular at the changing of the year that the waltz dynasty’s music is obligatory here in Austria. Supplemented by Strauss’s precursors, rivals and successors, with entrancing arias from the world of opera and operetta and with a few surprises ranging from the noble to the cheeky, this music dominates the traditional New Year’s concert with which Alfred Eschwé and the Tonkunstler will bid a spirited farewell to 2017 and put their public in joyful spirits for 2018. As we say in Austria: Prosit Neujahr!

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