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  • Albert Hosp, Presentation
  • Marta Gardolinska, conductor


Violin concerto? Symphonic poem? Or suite? Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s «Scheherazade», written in the summer of 1888, has a little of each, or even better: everything in one! Four movements with titles such as «The Sea and Sinbad’s Ship» and «Festival at Baghdad», musical borrowings from Persia, India and the Caucasus, the tales from «One Thousand and One Nights» as source material: there’s hardly another work in the orchestral canon that stimulates the imagination like this one. Reason enough to unveil once more this magical creation fashioned from folk motifs and oriental melodies!

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Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow

«Scheherazade» Symphonic Suite for Orchestra op. 35


  • Das Meer und Sindbads Schiff (Largo e maestoso - Allegro non troppo)

  • Die Geschichte vom Prinzen Kalender (Lento - Andantino - Allegro molto - Con moto)

  • Der junge Prinz und die junge Prinzessin (Andantino quasi allegretto - Pochissimo più mosso - Come prima - Pochissimo più animato)

  • Fest in Bagdad. Das Meer. Das Schiff zerschellt an einer Klippe unter einem bronzenen Reiter (Allegro molto - Vivo - Allegro non troppo maestoso)


41 Min.