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Grafenegg Auditorium Auditorium


  • Raphaela Gromes, cello
  • Marina Viotti, mezzosoprano
  • Dmitry Liss, conductor


Léo Delibes
«Les Chasseresses» from the ballet «Sylvia»
- interval -

It's the most beautiful time of Christmas: in Tchaikovsky’s «Nutcracker» a breezy march accompanies the children, excited with anticipation, enter the parlour to where their presents await them; it is the start of a lively journey into the realm of fantasy. Fleet-footedness also characterises the first half of the Tonkunstler Orchestra's Christmas Concert with Russian conductor Dmitry Liss. Tchaikovsky's elegant Rococo Variations, performed by the young German cellist Raphaela Gromes, opens the programme. A musical gem from France follows with Marina Viotti performing a selection of songs from the Auvergne, which the folk music collector and composer Joseph Canteloube heard sung by the shepherds and farmers of his homeland.

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Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski

Variations on a Rococo theme for Cello and Orchestra op. 33


  • Moderato quasi Andante - Thema. Moderato semplice -

  • Variation I. Tempo della Thema -

  • Variation II. Tempo della Thema -

  • Variation III. Andante sostenuto -

  • Variation IV. Andante grazioso -

  • Variation V. Allegro moderato -

  • Variation VI. Andante -

  • Variation VII e Coda. Allegro vivo


18 Min.


Joseph Canteloube

«Chants d'Auvergne» for Solo Voice and Orchestra, selection


  • L'Antoueno

  • Malurous qu'o uno fenno

  • Passo pel prat

  • Lou Boussu

  • Lo Fiolairé

  • Obal, din lou Limouzi


14 Min.
Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski

«The Nutcracker» Ballet suite op. 71a, text version by Oliver Láng


  • I. Miniatur-Ouvertüre. Allegro giusto

  • II. Charaktertänze:

  • a) Marsch. Tempo di marcia viva

  • b) Tanz der Zuckerfee. Andante non troppo

  • c) Russischer Tanz. Tempo di Trepak, molto vivace

  • d) Arabischer Tanz. Allegretto

  • e) Chinesischer Tanz. Allegro moderato

  • f) Tanz der Rohrflöten. Moderato assai

  • III. Blumenwalzer. Tempo di Valse


37 Min.